Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our production facility has 40,000 square feet where we operate with the most advanced bed-manufacturing technologies and time-tested craftsmanship.

We are Masters of Sleep for a reason.

Customer service

You stake your reputation on the brands you recommend and we know how fragile retail reputations can be. When you recommend an Araam brand, from the most sublime hand-made mattresses to the most technically advanced mattress products, you can do so with complete confidence. You are there for your customers and we are there for you. Pure and simple.

Araam Inc. is Canada’s premier manufacturer of both standard and custom mattresses. Our products are built with superior craftsmanship and the finest materials, which undergo a stringent quality assurance program. Further, Araam is dedicated to process and product development, assuring continual improvements in quality, comfort and the safety of our products. We implement only world-class procedural methods, state of the art machinery and industry innovations. This in turn produces exemplary products, complimented by our quality customer service.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our manufacturing facility has extensive production capacity. Araam has the knowledge and experience to facilitate large volume manufacturing, hand-crafted products and special product development requirements. We utilize world-class methods, tools, processes and intellectual capital that translate into proven products and premier service levels.

At Araam we have a proven track record of developing and maintaining client relationships. We are committed to providing value; such as cost savings, innovative products and quality which allows our customers to confidently engage in continued business with us. To further elaborate our proven commitment to above standard quality and service; Hypnos, Europe’s premier bedding company, has sought Araam to exclusively manufacture Hypnos products in Canada. Hypnos’ head office is located in England and has been manufacturing bedding for over 100 years. Hypnos holds a highly distinguished commendation from the Queen of England and the late Queen Mother, known as a Royal Warrant. To attain and maintain such prestigious commendations; companies must provide exemplary products and flawless services to the Royal Households for numerous years. Our commitment of quality manufacturing to Hypnos is the same commitments we have provide all our customers.

It has been our experience that by applying proven processes, tools and techniques, Araam can deliver efficiencies, quality and cost savings to our wide range of clients in hospitality, work camps, healthcare, and retail.

Product diversity

Our mission is to provide the best quality mattresses for every price point in the market. When you partner with Araam, you get a partner who will supply you with products you can recommend with confidence. You’ll know you are doing the best for your customers and you know that is good for business.

Customer Service

Buying a mattress is an important decision for consumers and the category can be confusing to them. The business we are in is more dependant upon strong customer service than the average business. That is why we offer the same level of customer service to you that you offer to your customers.

Quality Assurance

The quality of each and every mattress you sell is integral to your reputation and trust among consumers Our quality assurance program is a rigorous process to help ensure that each and every mattress we ship is a mattress on which we both can stake our reputations.